Solutions / GrowCommerce For Renewals Overview

Grow Your Services and Subscription Business and Increase Your Customer Lifetime Value

Rainmaker’s GrowCommerce for Renewals platform is based on over two decades of renewals data, KPI’s benchmarks, and best practices. We address the critical steps of the renewals process including data management, quoting, selling, and renewal business intelligence. Our business is built on a pay for performance model that ensures a results-driven, shared risk partnership with customers.

With Rainmaker GrowCommerce for Renewals You Can Easily

  • Clean, consolidate and centralize customer data to view the entire customer base
  • Identify renewal opportunities and target upcoming renewal customers
  • Deliver time sensitive pre-expiration countdown notification emails and phone campaigns
  • Renew expiring service and subscription contracts
  • Automate quotes and role-specific portals to simplify sales process
  • Maximize each customer contact by cross-selling and up-selling new products and services
  • Augment your sales team with experienced channel and high-tech telesales agents
  • Integrate with your CRM and finance systems
  • Manage, enable and credit the channel in the post sales process

The Rainmaker Renew platform enables channel friendly selling, provides a consistent incremental revenue source and does not require heavy discounting to achieve targets. It overcomes basic renewal challenges by providing visibility into contract details, using customer install base data to create renewal opportunities with multiple purchase options.

Implement in as Few as 30 Days

Call and speak with one of our knowledgeable sales representatives to see how we can help you cut costs, increase revenue, expand your product lines and grow your digital revenue.