Company / Leadership

The Executive Team

Donald J. Massaro, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer

Most recently, Mr. Massaro was President and CEO of Sendmail Inc. from 2006 -2012. Mr. Massaro has been a founder and CEO of six Silicon Valley technology companies including Reconnex, Yotta Navigation, Silicon Gaming, Inversion Development Corporation, Metaphor Computer Systems and Shugart Associates. From 1979 – 1982, Mr. Massaro was a Corporate Vice President of Xerox and President of the Office Products Division responsible for engineering and marketing the technologies and products developed at Xerox's Palo Alto Research Center (PARC). Mr. Massaro holds a BS degree in Aeronautical Engineering from the University of Notre Dame, a Master of Science degree in mechanical engineering from Northwestern University and studied for his PhD at University of California at Berkeley.

Brad Peppard, Director, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Brad joins Rainmaker Systems as Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, bringing more than 20 years of financial experience and a proven track record of driving profitability and growth.

Brad Peppard is the former Treasurer of Trader Joe's, a multi-billion dollar specialty retailer, and prior to that was Director of Finance and Administration (Controller/CFO) of CBS/Fox Studios, one of Hollywood's largest production studios. Mr. Peppard has held a number of other finance positions, including acting CFO of, and Director of Systems Development for CBS TV Network, where he designed and implemented a highly sophisticated, multi-modal, real time accounting system from the ground up.

Brad was also president of Monogram Systems, at the time the leading provider of financial software for home and small business on the Apple Macintosh platform, and the developer of the number one home finance product 'Dollars & Sense.' Brad oversaw the development and launch of one of the first multi-platform microcomputer tax preparation programs, Tax Advantage, and led Monogram from bankruptcy to its most profitable year ever.

Brad has over twenty years of public company board experience. Brad formerly served as Rainmaker Systems' Chairman of the Board, and head of the company's audit committee. He has also served on the audit committees of several public companies and, as an active audit committee director, assisted in the successful ASE listing of Oppenheimer Industries.

Brad holds an MBA in Finance and Marketing from Stanford University and a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and English from Amherst College.

Christina Cherry, Vice President and General Manager of Global Client Services

Christina Cherry is the Vice President and General Manager – Global Commerce Services for Rainmaker Systems. Christina has over 20 years senior management experience, with advanced knowledge of contact center technology, multi-site control and integration, and extensive offshore experience. Christina has a strong commercial awareness and understanding, leads and inspires management teams with the ability to conceptualize and drive change to improve operational performance and achieve sustainable results.

Chad Nuss, Global Vice President, Revenue Solutions

Chad has over 15 years experience in enabling global revenue programs for Rainmaker prospects and customers. These have included acquisition, cross-sell and renewal programs which to date have yielded over $2 billion in annualized revenue. As Rainmaker's Global Vice President for Revenue Solutions, Chad develops and executes the company's global sales strategy – and manages Rainmaker's client revenue architectures worldwide. Prior to Rainmaker, Chad was cofounder and SVP of Sales at LaunchProject. Acquired by Rainmaker in 2005, LaunchProject was a SaaS company that delivered commerce solutions to over 85 high tech companies including Oracle, SAP, IBM, and Microsoft. Chad has also held senior sales and marketing management positions at Aceva, Copera and Silicon Reef.

Carmela Wong, Vice President of Marketing

In her role as Vice President of Marketing, Carmela Wong is responsible for managing and driving the company's corporate and product marketing, demand creation and customer communications teams. Carmela brings over 20 years of experience in enterprise, SMB and consumer technology marketing to Rainmaker Systems.

Prior to re-joining Rainmaker, Carmela held the role of Vice President of Marketing for Rainmaker from 2003-2008. During her tenure, she was instrumental in driving strategic sales and marketing methodologies across Rainmaker's client programs and achieved significant ROI and revenue results. In addition, Carmela held the position of Vice President of Marketing for ABBYY and senior leadership positions at global technology companies such as Borland and Intuit.

Carmela received her Bachelor of Science degree with honors in Graphic Communication from California Polytechnic State University at San Luis Obispo.

Terry Lydon, Vice President & General Manager of Learning Management Systems

Terry Lydon is responsible for the ViewCentral Learning Management product group. Terry has over 20 years of experience in Silicon Valley’s computer and software industries.

Previously, Terry was the co-founder of ViewCentral, serving also as the Vice President of Services. ViewCentral was the first Learning Management SaaS solution on the market and was acquired by Rainmaker Systems in 2006. Prior to ViewCentral, Terry was Vice President of Services at Brio Technology, where he was responsible for building and directing both the educational services and technical support organizations. Terry has also held senior technical positions with such companies as Aurum Software, Celerity Computing, Apollo Computing, and Prime Computing.